The Experience

Tina’s Closet has been helping women find a perfect fitting bra since 1987. Before opening her store in Lisle, Il., Tina work retail for 12 years developing her own methods for helping women find a perfect fitting bras. Tina discovered her passion for sewing while watching her mother restyle and alter thousands of garments right in her family home.

Bra Surgery

Can’t find a perfect fitting bra no matter what size you purchase? You may need to see The Bra Surgeon™, Tina, who will diagnose and prescribe what surgery (alterations) your bra may need to eliminate unwanted Bra Woes™. "If you are experiencing any of my listed Bra Woe’s, I already have a solution waiting."

Special Occasions

Help us help you. In order to help you find your very own Perfect fit, we ask that you bring in your Special Occasion Outfit. Once in the fitting room, you will be able to try on your outfit over the selected garment to make sure that you are purchasing exactly what works. This will also ensure you that you selected the perfect undergarment to help you look your very best.

First Times

If this is your first time, please give yourself plenty of time in the fitting room by arriving no later than one hour prior to closing; no one should ever be rushed. When you enter Tina’s Closet, please take a number to save your place in line, since we are a first come first serve establishment. When you are greeted, you will be ask to fill out a profile sheet describing your Bra Woes™.