Tina’s Closet® wasn’t established to just sell bras. Tina, The Bra Surgeon™ has come up with solutions to the following Bra Woes™ to help women, who realize they need some expert assistance. Women don’t have to suffer in silence anymore. Doctor Tina will help you find your very own Perfect Fit™


Bra Woe # 1

Your Bra is riding up your back!

Bra Woe # 2

Your Cup runneth over!

Bra Woe # 3

Your Straps keep falling off your shoulders!

Bra Woe # 4

You have a rash under or between your breasts!

Bra Woe # 5

Your under-wires are digging into your underarm!

Bra Woe # 6

Your breasts are falling out below your cup!

Bra Woe # 7

Your breasts “Sag” or “Droop”!

Bra Woe # 8

Your shoulders always ache!

Bra Woe # 9

You have back flab!

Bra Woe # 10

Your bra rolls up on the sides!

Bra Woe # 11

Your bra leaves red marks or indentations that hurt!

Bra Woe # 12

Your bra cups gap or wrinkle!

Bra Woe # 13

You have to unhook your bra when you get in the car!

Bra Woe # 14

Your clothing darts are off-the-mark!

Bra Woe # 15

The hooks and eye clasps on your bra are digging into your back!

Bra Woe # 16

Your bra straps are cutting into your shoulders!

Bra Woe # 17

You can’t get your bra hooked or unhooked in back!

Bra Woe # 18

You are tugging and pulling on your bra all day long!

Bra Woe # 19

You have one cup bigger than the other!

Bra Woe # 20

You lost weight!

Bra Woe # 21

Your bras are stretching out within a week of wearing and you just can’t afford to replace them every week, but need the support!

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