The Bra Surgeon™

The Bra Surgeon™ Tina's Closet Lisle, IL

Tina who is referred to, as The Bra Surgeon™ by her customers, will evaluate what surgery will be necessary to help eliminate unnecessary Bra Woes™. Some recovery time may be required after Bra surgery so don’t wait until the last minute to make a purchase. Though some surgical procedures on bras can be performed same day or even while you wait, this can only be determined by what is needed and how many surgeries are already being performed at the time of your visit.

Maximum waiting time for new surgeries to bras could take up to one week.
Don’t suffer any longer! Tina, The Bra Surgeon™ is on call during business hours.

Call For Your Appointment Today (630) 810-0046.

Tina The Bra Surgeon™

‘See you in the fitting room™!’

Tina Karakourtis Owner of Tina's Closet Lisle, IL

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