Most Frequent Questions and Answers

All customers are asked to make an appointment for their visit to Tina’s Closet. 

When entering Tinas Closet sign in at cashier counter. Once you are signed in Tina’s will call you when she is ready. 

All sales are final so no one is ever rushed in the fitting room.

Tinas Closet understands that bras are generic and women are not. Knowing this and understanding Bras, when a customer experiences a challenge Tinas Closet may already have a solution waiting.

EVERYDAY BRAS: Tina recommends at least [3] three bras to get started: ‘One to Wash, One to Wear and One to Spare.’

Tina Advises: 

  • ‘If you only do your laundry once a week or you are experiencing the Meno Pains associated with the hot-flashes of menopause, then you may want to purchase at least seven [7] bras to get you through.’
  •  ‘Always try on your clothing over the bra so that you can approve the look and shape that the bra provides, underneath what you will actually be wearing. If it doesn’t look right in the Fitting Room, then it won’t look right when you’re wearing the bra!’

SPORTS BRAS: Tina recommends at least one [1] sports bra to get started. It depends on how often you workout. Two is safe three is ideal for a 3 to 5 workout day schedule.Workout bras should be hand washed just like your every day bras for extended life and care.

Tina Warns: 

  • ‘NEVER workout in an everyday bra; that can quickly ruin a Perfect Fit!”
    If you are working out at least three or more days a week, or you lead a very active lifestyle, then you may need to purchase two [2] or more sports bras. Workout bras should be hand washed just like your every day bras for extended life and care.

SPECIALTY BRAS: Tina knows that you may need different bra styles to compliment the special outfits in your wardrobe.
For example: A strapless dress or spaghetti strap shell may require a strapless bra. A plunging neckline may look best worn over a demi-cup bra, etc.

Tina Requests:

  • **PLEASE BRING IN YOUR DRESS or SPECIALTY GARMENT, so that YOU can make sure that the bra you have selected fits perfectly underneath your outfit.  Help me, help you, make your day special and stress-free by making SURE that you are absolutely delighted with the way your undergarment looks and feels while you have it on in the Fitting Room!’
  • Manufacturers ordinarily give a bra 3 months of wear or about 1000 hours.  Over the years, manufacturers have made bras more comfortable to wear. Unfortunately, the fabrics from which today’s bras are made also tend to stretch during the wear-life of the bra. This is one reason bras become uncomfortable. Bra stretch is a fact of Bra life.
  • If your body has changed size and your bras are fairly new, store them and get new ones. It doesn’t make sense to wear bras that hurt.  FYI women change sizes all through life.  I never throw away bras because I put a few lbs on and take them off. Having a bra to fit keeps me from pulling and tugging all day long. Be organized and separate them by size.  My customers feel comfortable to bring in their bras so that I can tell them what size they should be wearing. 
  • If a customer is going through menopause, her bras won’t last during her hot flashes.  Bra stretch is a big factor and one of the many Menopains that become frustrating.  Once we take in the stretched-out bra, it becomes more supportive and lasts longer. Unless you have access to a sewing  machine, you will be going through bras daily searching for a perfect fit, only to become more miserable.
  • Keep in mind that all bras are not created equal.

    • Different fabrics wear better than others.

    • Different styles may or may not fit your body type comfortably.

    • Different Manufactures may not fit you in the same size as another Manufacture.
  • These size differences are due to the fact that all manufacturers have their own designers and patterns.  Having been fortunate to be working with so many of these manufacturers from different countries allowed me to understand their product.  As an experienced bra fitter, this information helps me be more efficient during the fitting process.
  • All bras are not created equally and will not fit every single body type, even though it may be available in the size you may be wearing.  This is also why it’s so hard to purchase a bra without trying it on.  Every manufacturer has their own specific pattern fit, that will fit you in one cup size, while another brand may fit a fuller cup size or a different band size.  Some styles may fit wider under the armpit which sometimes causes jabbing, because its too wide, or too loose.  An expert fitter will understand what guess work is needed in finding your perfect fit with the different manufacturers and styles.  Bras are made all over the world in the UK, China, France, Sweden, Etc.
  • Just because you like the look don’t assume that it will be a perfect fit.  Sometimes the bra may just need a small alteration to make it work.  25% of my customers need some type of alteration to provide the additional comfort that can’t be received from off the shelf bras.  

So ask yourself, do you want to be 20% sure of your bra size or do you want a perfect fit?

A customer can extend the wear-life of their bra by following Tina’s Tips below. 

Tina’s Tips:

  • NO WASHER and NO DRYER. Hot dryer temperatures and the spinning and twisting endured in the washing machine will actually decrease the wear-life of a bra. Some customers see the poor results after their bra’s very first misadventure in the washer/dryer.

Tina Cautions:

  • The agitator in the washing machine can cause an underwire to bend, twist and snap; forcing it out of the channeling of the bra. Many women ask me if it is OK to wash their bras into a front-loader, which has no agitator. My answer is an emphatic ‘NO!’ The bra’s metal hooks can get caught inside the drum’s drainage holes or bang against the metal drum of your machine causing chips in the metal as well as damage to your washer’s drum! This invites rust, which can stain every piece of laundry.
  • NO HARSH LAUNDRY DETERGENTS. The bleaching agents and harsh chemicals that can be found in many laundry detergents will prematurely damage the fibers in most lingerie fabrics. Tina recommends washing your bras and lingerie with a citrus-based lingerie cleanser, like Forever New,(Available in store or call to purchase) which requires no rubbing or scrubbing. Forever New simply lifts the dirt and oils right off of the fabric; all you have to do is rinse and air dry.

Bra stretch it’s a fact of bra life! Your own body heat adds stress to your bra. You can reduce the ‘wear and tear’ on your delicate lingerie by washing at least every other time you wear your bra. Many manufacturers of quality put wash instructions on the tags of their bras: ‘Hand wash warm and air dry’.

When a bra misbehaves, Tina’s ‘routine bra maintenance check’ is the perfect cure. Bras misbehave for a reason, most often due to a common case of ‘bra stretch.’ Whenever a customer experiences any type of Bra Woe™, Tina invites them to come back into Tina’s Closet to see if the bra can be restored back to its original size.

Extending the wear-life of your bra makes your investment in ‘A Perfect Fit’ go farther!

If you are on a weight loss program, then Tina recommends that you plan on purchasing two [2] bras: One to wear and One to wash.

If you are just starting a weight loss program, then purchasing one bra is recommended. Many people experience drastic loss within the first week. Keep in mind that 7 to 10 lbs can change the bra size.

The bra is the most remarkable invention and can make you look good or bad. So, as soon as your bra begins to misbehave it may be time for Tina to ‘See you in the Fitting Room!’

With 45 years of experience, Tina’s Closet can help you find a Perfect Fit that works with your pregnancy, as well as your nursing needs. Tina recommends a nursing bra and a sleep bra be purchased no sooner than one month prior to expectancy date.

Tina’s Closet can help! Remember: Bring your dress with you during your search for a perfect undergarment, so that you can make sure the dress looks good over the corset. If the corset isn’t a perfect fit, and adjustments or alterations are needed, Tina will be able to evaluate what will be required. This is why it is so important to bring the dress.  Appointments are also Necessary for Brides Needing Corset Fittings. 
See you in the fitting room!

The answer is simple, once you know the facts.

Being a woman who has been fitting bras for most of her life, I was able to find answers and solutions, which enabled me to solve my own Bra Woe™ challenges.

With 45 years of research and hands on experience, I have helped nearly a million women find their Perfect Fit™ during my career. My life has given me not only purpose, but positive proof that women can find comfort and support in bras, by following a few simple rules with do’s and don’ts when buying, wearing and caring for their bra’s.

I can remember as early as my teen years hating to wear my bra only to be the second in line to burn it. I also remember the pain of not wearing one. So, what’s a girl to do?

I remember suffering in silence with my own Bra Woe™ challenges.

I was 20 years old and one day while at work, I had a customer who was in pain because she couldn’t find a bra to fit her. She was pregnant and had grown 8 cup sizes.  This customer couldn’t find a bra to support her properly. She asked me if I could help. I wasn’t trained to fit bras even though the business sold them, however, I asked her what she needed, and she said a bigger cup than what she could find in stores.  So, I started helping her with larger band size bras until we found a cup that fit.  The cup fit, however, the band was just too big. She commented that she wished the bra would stay down in her back, so I grab it and pulled in snug. She said yes just like that.  She replied that her back felt better while I held the excess of bra band.  So, a light bulb went on at that moment. I knew how to sew and told the customer I would take the bra in for her if she would like…

I listened to what my customer wanted, I addressed the problem and the rest is history…

Though a bra can look good, if it doesn’t feel good in the fitting room, it’s not a perfect fit. 

Women go through different transitions during their life.  Weight gain or loss could make a difference in a bras comfort. Child bearing years, pre-menopause, menopause, medications and of course aging can cause shirking in height which causes the body weight distribution that makes bra shopping inevitable. 

Your body is changing so why wouldn’t you change the style or size of bra you are wearing to be more comfortable and supportive? 

45 years of experience, measuring women has given me the answers to solving Bra Woe™ challenges for my customers. A tape measure only works in helping 80% of women find a perfect size. Therefore 80% of women are wearing the wrong size bra. If you are in the wrong size bra, how can you possibly find a perfect fit with a tape measure?

The most important tool in my business is communication, not the tape measure. 

This is why Tina’s Closet has been in business since 1987. I started fitting bras in 1975 and developed my niche and mastered helping women in the fitting room.  My Bra Fitting Methodology has helped educate women during the fitting process so they understand why they are experiencing Bra Woe™ challenges.  I have been able to document my customers changes over the years to help them make sense of why they were experiencing these challenges. I have been able to develop a dialog with confidential, extensive information that allows my clients as well as myself, to understand why women face so many Bra Woe™ challenges in life.  Once a challenge is diagnosed a solution can be administered. 

  • You should own more than one bra to give the fabric a rest. Manufactures recommend rotating your bras so that you don’t wear the same bra two days in a row.
  • Bras are labeled to be hand washed and air dryed.  I did the test with two of the same bras.  The one that I put in the washing machine never felt comfortable enough to wear after a few washes. The hand washed bra stayed newer looking and felt better.  I also recommend using Forever New Lingerie wash which is organic and no harmful bleaching agents.  (Available in store, or call today to order)

Tina’s Closet doesn’t just sell bras.  We sell a number of undergarments, lingerie, bathing suits, clothing, essential oils,  and other accessories for every woman to enjoy. 

Over the years, Tina has helped to educate countless numbers of women in how to apply real ‘bra smarts,’ to help them have a good relationship with their bras.

This is why Tina’s Closet remains successful – Her philosophy isn’t simply sell bras; she educates women with the tools that they need to receive continual support and lasting comfort.

Tina also provides customization on undergarments because, “After all, bras are generic and women are not,” cautions Tina. Just like a pair of pants would need to be hemmed if they were too long, each bra is engineered to fit each individual customer for her very own Perfect Fit.

“I have devoted my life to ‘helping those who cannot help themselves. I know that I can help you find your very own Perfect Fit.” ~ Tina

Tina’s Closet has been known for custom-fitting bras to all body types, sizes and of course ages. It is imperative for customers to visit Tina’s Closet to receive a perfect fit every year. Visiting a Bra shop to receive individualized attention for customer service is essential for the experience of a life time of finding that perfect fit.  Tina’s Closet gives each customer a way of monitoring your progress in life giving you the answers and allowing you to have a perfect fit during your whole life each time you purchase a new bra. 

Today, my career helping women find a perfect fitting bra is more rewarding then ever. I have actually changed lives as well as my own. Seasoned Bra fitting experts like myself have been chosen for this rewarding career path.  We found a passion and the older I get the better I understand.  

If you can’t visit Tina’s Closet find a Bra Fitting expert that will listen to your Bra Woe challenges and ask her if she is prepared to work with you. I found that 30% of my clients need alterations, so make sure the shop has the ability to customize your fit if necessary, to make your bra fit perfectly, not almost. 

Helping customers find a perfect fitting bra has become an addiction because I accumulated many solutions over the years to Bra Woe™ challenges. 

First time customers are asked to make an appointment. If you have shopped Tina’s Closet in the past 32 years, your already on file and don’t need an appointment.  

See you in the fitting room!

Tina The Bra Surgeon

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